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Created by agents for agents, ePlatinum Health focuses on community. Frank Souk and Jeff Martin began ePlatinum Health to meet the needs they experienced as independent agents committed to providing top-notch, personalized service to their clients. ePlatinum Health provides a supportive team for each of its independent, local agents; we cultivate long-term relationships with our clients, becoming part of their personal team. And ePlatinum Health agents contribute positively to their local communities by participating in and hosting various charitable activities.

Maximize the advantages of being an independent agent and eliminate the drawbacks. When you join the ePlatinum Health network, you have access to cutting-edge technology, support and advice, and the best coverage options from major carriers. And you keep 100% of your earned commissions. Contact us today to find out how becoming part of the ePlatinum Health family can help you grow your business.

Cutting-Edge Technology

ePlatinum Health has developed software specifically designed to increase the number of clients an agent can serve without losing the all-important agent-client connection. This proprietary software allows you to keep all of your clients’ information, assess their current insurance products, and track all communications in an easily-understood format. With an iPad and ePH Connect, you have access to all the information you need exactly when you need it.

Support And Advice

When you’re part of the ePlatinum Health network, you have more than technological resources – you have human resources, too. ePlatinum Health holds a seminar every year for our agents specifically dealing with Medicare to learn the newest guidelines and talk through product changes. You’re never isolated when you’re part of our ePlatinum Health family. Our agents are eager to share their best practices and offer helpful tips; we even offer on-site training!

Best Coverage Options

ePlatinum Health has connections with the biggest carriers throughout the country and we can make sure that you do too. If you are interested in an agent-level contract or even an agency-level contract, ePlatinum Health can help make that happen. You’ll be able to offer your clients more insurance options and better advise them.

We all know that client relationships are key. With ePlatinum Health, you will be able to cultivate those relationships more efficiently with the technology we offer. You will also be able to genuinely serve your clients better with access to better products and more information and support. Contact us today to become part of the ePlatinum Health team.

“I love the fact that Frank is right here, and he was very willing to take me out on appointments.  He is so available just to answer questions, he would help me with on-site training which I knew I really needed until I knew the Medicare product inside out and backwards.”

Ann Junius, RN, AMJ Insurance, LLC

I would not be as successful as I am today if it weren’t for the ePlatinumHealth Team’s support and confidence in me.  When it comes to health insurance, ePlatinumHealth is outstanding.  The training they provided was second to none, and they provide cutting edge resources to keep me up to speed and ahead of the game.

On ePHConnect, “It’s nice because I carry my iPad with me and then if…somebody calls…I know what they have, I can keep notes…and so it’s a lot easier to just note it on the Connect versus having to do paperwork.”
Jan Dobrich, Jan Dobrich Insurance

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