Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

Dental and Vision Insurance plans are relatively low-cost and cover essential services in their respective fields. Maintaining good eyesight is obviously important for ease of daily life, and the same is true of a good set of teeth. With Vision & Dental Insurance you’ll be able to afford checkups and services that keep your sight and teeth in good shape. With typically low costs and deductibles, individuals and families stand to make good savings with Dental and Vision Insurance plans.

Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance plans usually cost relatively little per month, with covered services falling into three categories: preventive, basic, and major. Most Dental Insurance plans will cover 100% of preventive work (once the deductible has been met), and between 70-80% percent of basic work done. Major work will be covered the least, with the insured paying a larger percentage. There are often waiting periods for Dental Insurance (of about six months for basic work and up to two years for major), so be sure to ask your agent for clarification! Keep your smile shining bright with ePlatinum Health.

Vision Insurance Plans

Vision Insurance is relatively simple compared to most medical insurance and supplemental plans. The insured pays a small amount of money per month (usually about $3-$7), and then gets an eye exam every year. The insurance will cover the exam (insured will make about a $10-$15 co-pay), and then the insurance will provide large discounts on glasses and contacts. It is important to note that emergency services regarding injury or illness of the eyes are still covered by basic medical insurance.

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