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Supplemental Health Insurance

Having medical health insurance is a very good thing, but it is not perfect and it doesn’t cover everything. Particularly, severe and sometimes debilitating illnesses can put enormous financial stress on a person or family. Medical expenses are the top cause for personal bankruptcies in the United States. Sometimes life puts us out of action for a time; unfortunately, that’s not an option many Americans can afford. At ePlatinum Health, we believe that you, your family, and your livelihood deserve to be protected in the event of a major medical incident. To this end, we offer a variety of supplemental insurance options designed to guard your assets should you take seriously ill. Contact an agent and find a plan that works in your interest.

Hospital Indemnity

Hospital stays, especially prolonged ones, can impose a huge financial burden on an individual or family. And while health insurance plans will cover most medical expenses, they won’t usually cover other living expenses.  A Hospital Indemnity plan is a low-cost supplemental insurance option that will pay a fixed daily income for the duration of your hospital stay.

Cancer Policy

The costs associated with cancer are notoriously high, and not all of them are covered in basic medical health insurance. A Cancer Policy is a supplemental insurance option designed to provide a financial cushion should cancer be diagnosed. Cancer Policies can vary widely in the types of payouts they make and services they cover.

Critical Care Insurance

Sometimes, when you’re least expecting it, life will throw a curveball at you. No one anticipates being diagnosed with a critical illness, but sadly it occurs frequently, and in such moments it’s better to be prepared. A Critical Care Insurance policy will protect you when you’re diagnosed with a critical illness with a lump sum payout that you can choose to use however you’d like.

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