Hospital Indemnity

Hospital stays, especially prolonged ones, can impose a huge financial burden on an individual or family. And while health insurance plans will cover most medical expenses, they won’t usually cover other living expenses. At ePlatinum Health, we understand that while you’re in the hospital you’d like to keep your life running as normally as possible. A Hospital Indemnity plan is a low-cost supplemental insurance option that will pay a fixed daily income for the duration of your hospital stay. Speak to one of our agents and get a quote to protect your assets and loved ones in the event of a hospital stay.

Costs and Benefits

The cost of a Hospital Indemnity plan will depend on your age, pre-existing health, and the breadth of coverage of the plan you pursue. The costs aren’t usually high, with someone 30-40 years of age likely paying $5 or less per month, and for the price, it’s almost always a good buy. Plans can be purchased for individuals or families, and unlike medical health insurance, which is tied to specific services, Hospital Indemnity payouts trigger after certain events, such as a night spent in a hospital, or an ambulance ride. Because the payouts aren’t tied to specific services, they can be used for anything the policyholder would like, from ambulance rides, to bills, to groceries. It can even be used to pay the deductible for your medical insurance.

Wise Investment

You never know when you’ll take ill, be involved in an accident, or become otherwise injured. At ePlatinum Health, we understand that all too often when physical difficulties befall an individual, the distress shouldn’t be magnified to include financial worry. Our agents are eager to provide you with the best Hospital Indemnity plans available. They are happy to meet in person, or otherwise, to discuss finding a plan that works for you. For minimal cost, invest in peace of mind.

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