Final Expense Insurance

We all know that we are mortal and we all want to protect our families. It can be awkward to start making arrangements for your death, but our independent agents will make the process smooth, respectful, and comprehensible. Our local agents are committed to helping you safeguard your family from financial burden during their grief. The death of a loved one is already a time of immense stress, and an investment in Final Expenses insurance will allow your family to grieve without the additional anxiety associated with costs. Ask an agent for a quote and protect the people you love.

Costs: Final Expenses Insurance Makes Sense.

How steep can the costs be? According to the National Funeral Director’s Association, the average cost related to a funeral was $8,508 in 2014, and that average doesn’t even include obituaries, flowers, or a headstone. A bill like that will leave many families scrambling to drum up the money, and most would find themselves hard-pressed to do so. With Final Expenses insurance, your family can work through their grief without financial woes.

Finding a Plan that Works for You

At ePlatinum Health, our independent agents will work with you to find the Final Expenses insurance plan that suits you, your desires, and your loved ones. Our independent agents are local, and one will come to your home to talk through these concerns in a considerate, understandable, and pragmatic way. We are firmly committed to making sure that your Final Expenses insurance plan is tailored for your needs, and that you understand everything about it, so that you can make the arrangements that you desire. At ePlatinum Health we understand that caring about you includes caring about the people you care about.

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