About ePlatinumHealth: Independent Health Insurance Agents

At ePlatinumHealth, we understand healthcare. We are a health insurance broker dedicated to understanding all the insurance options available for your health and your family’s well being. Knowing the ins and outs of the various plans is only half of our job.

The other half is getting to know you and your family and your particular concerns, so we can find affordable health insurance plans for your needs. We’re committed to cultivating long-term relationships with our clients. We want you to understand all your options, and an independent health insurance agent will take the time to make sure that you do.

Independent insurance agents from ePlatinumHealth understand all aspects of Medicare and will educate you on your Medicare health insurance options. Our agency specializes in providing information about Medicare, but we provide additional health insurance services as well.

We ensure we provide you with the information and tools necessary to make an informed decision on a healthcare plan. We have independent insurance agents working locally in Wisconsin at our offices in Brookfield and Germantown. We also have agents remotely, so we can assist clients nationwide. Most of our agents are licensed in Wisconsin and Iowa, but you can also find a licensed agent available in 30 other U.S. states.

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We Value Our Clients

ePlatinumHealth values its clients above all else, and our independent insurance agents want you to know they are on your personal team. Clients who work with one of our local, independent ePlatinumHealth agents receive the most accurate information, the widest range of options, and the best guidance in the health insurance market. We are dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with our clients; we want to meet all of your personal and family health insurance needs.

We Support Our Agents

ePlatinumHealth supports its independent insurance agents with best business practices, proprietary software, and education and training so that our agents can best serve their clients. We know what it feels like to be entirely on your own, and what a difference it makes to have others to bounce ideas off and learn from. With ePlatinumHealth, you’ll remain 100% independent but with the backing of a company that has ties to all major health insurance providers across the U.S.

We Are Committed To Community

ePlatinumHealth commits to local communities. Because we believe so strongly in our local, independent agents giving back to the community, ePlatinumHealth regularly participates in charitable events. Sometimes that is as simple as an agent calling Bingo at a local senior center every week, and sometimes it is putting a team together to participate in a fundraising event.

ePlatinumHealth cares–about its clients, its agents, and its communities.

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