Aliera Healthcare vs. Unity Healthshare

In August 2018, Unity Healthshare decided to terminate its relationship with their third-party administrator, Aliera Healthcare. At this time there is pending legal action in the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia between Aliera and Unity regarding who has the right to existing Unity Healthshare clients.

Clients who are on a Unity Healthshare plan WILL NOT lose their coverage. We will no longer be able to sell new Unity Healthshare plans, but current clients may stay exactly where they are as the plan will continue to be administrated by Aliera via a court-appointed receiver who will “have oversight of the Unity Health Care Sharing Ministry plans and assets…in order to monitor their proper allocation, preserve them and to ensure that member claims are paid consistently with the plan documents.”

However, both Aliera and OneShare (Unity Healthshare’s new rebranding) are contacting existing Unity Healthshare clients to move them to other plans. For Aliera, that means moving clients to Trinity HealthShare, and for Unity Healthshare that means moving them to their new rebranding, OneShare Health.

What does this mean for us agents?

If your client moves to OneShare Health you will still receive commissions, you simply have to provide a copy of your commission statement showing your commission rate for your members. You will need to get contracted with OneShare Health as they are a new entity; we are currently still working on getting the contracting information.

Below is a diagram to clarify the relationships between all companies involved. There are also PDFs directly from OneShare with information tailored to current Unity Healthshare members and agents, as well as a full report of the court proceedings.